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If you have nice!views with your build, this guide will go over installing the sockets and headers. If you don't have nice!views, you can skip this guide.


If you're using no-solder headers, you just need to insert them by the plastic part into the PCB and then push the nice!view into the headers. You can skip the rest of this guide.

Video Tutorial

Soldering the Sockets

  1. Insert the socket (the one with the holes) into the top side of the PCB (same side as the nice!nano)
  2. Optionally tape the socket in place
  3. Flip the PCB over and solder one of the pins
  4. Ensure the socket is straight and flush with the PCB
  5. Solder the remaining pins

Soldering the Headers

  1. Insert the short side of the headers into the underside of the nice!view. The long side will insert into the socket.
  2. Solder one of the pins
  3. Ensure the header is straight and flush with the nice!view
  4. Solder the remaining pins

Wrap Up

Now you have your nice!view soldered and ready to go! Don't insert the nice!view yet, we'll do that in the next guide when we install the batteries.