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Installing your nice!nano is usually the first step in building your keyboard. In this guide, we'll go over the three different ways to install your nice!nano.

Video Tutorial (EZ-Solder Hotswap)

Select the method you're using:

Soldering to the PCB

  1. Take your sockets (the part with the holes) and insert them into the top of the PCB (the side with the JST, power switch, and reset button)
  2. Optionally tape down the sockets to the PCB
  3. Flip the PCB over and solder the top and bottom pins and ensure the socket is flush and straight with the PCB
  4. Take off the optional tape
  5. Solder the rest of the pins

Insert Pins and Headers

  1. Insert your headers into the sockets. Push down on the plastic part so you don't poke yourself!
  2. Ensure the headers are flush against the sockets

Solder the nice!nano

  1. Place the nice!nano face down1 on the headers.
  2. The pins should be slightly peeking out.
  3. Ensure that the top left and top right pins (B+/B-) do not have pins in them. Only the bottom 12 on each column should have them.
  4. Solder each corner pin while making sure the nice!nano is flush against the socket.
  5. Solder the rest of the pins.

You'll now want to slowly pry the nice!nano out of the sockets to continue the build.

Try to pull the nice!nano straight up if possible to avoid bent pins when pulling it out. Alternatively, take a blunt, thin object and very slowly pry the nice!nano from either side until it is removed. In the end, a sudden jolt will happen when the nano comes out. The less, more controlled force will help avoid bent pins.

Wrap Up

Now that the nice!nano is installed, you can continue to the next step of installing the nice!view or batteries if you don't have any nice!views.

  1. What does face down mean? The side with the chips and nice!nano logo should be facing down and away from you