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Display Cover

The display cover helps protect your display and nice!nano from damage. In this guide, we'll go over installing the display cover.

Video Tutorial

Installing the Standoffs

  1. Your display cover pack comes with four standoffs and nine screws (an extra in case you misplace one)
  2. Insert a screw into the backside of the PCB and tighten a standoff onto it
  3. Do this in the two holes on each side underneath the power switch and JST jack

Peel the Protective Paper and Film

  1. Peel the protective paper from your display cover if they're acrylic
  2. Peel the protective film from your nice!views if you have them (optional)

Screw the Cover On

  1. Rest the cover on top of the standoffs
  2. Insert one of the screws into the top of the cover and tighten it loosely
  3. Insert the other screw and tighten it fully
  4. Go back and tighten the other screw
  5. Repeat for the other side

Wrap Up

You now have your display cover installed! In the next guide, we'll go over the switches and the switch plate.