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The case ties the whole build together. This guide will go over installing the case and the PCB.

Video Tutorial

Screw in the Standoffs

  1. Your case pack comes with ten standoffs and twenty-one screws (an extra in case you misplace one)
  2. Take your screw or back-plate and insert a screw into the backside of the PCB and tighten a standoff onto it
  3. Repeat for all ten standoffs

Insert the PCB

  1. Insert the PCB into the case. If you're using a full case, you should insert on a slight angle so that the power and reset button are positioned properly in the cutout
  2. Insert the screws through the plate into the standoffs

Apply the Bumpons

  1. Your case pack comes with ten 3M bumpons
  2. We like to put one in each corner and then one on the thumb cluster corner in the middle
  3. These bumpons help prevent the case from sliding around on your desk

Wrap Up

You now have your case installed! In the next guide, we'll go over keycaps.