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Installing switches is a straightforward but sometimes finicky process. This guide will go over installing the switches and switch plate.

Installing the Switches into the Plate

We recommend putting most if not all of your switches into the plate first. This is because it can be hard to push the switches into the plate if you have the PCB in the way.

  1. Ensure the switch is in the correct orientation
    1. Choc: The pins on the back should be on the bottom
    2. MX: The pins should be on the top
  2. Insert the switch into the plate, make sure it's straight and that the clips are not bent outwards

Inserting into the PCB

  1. Ensure all switches have their pins straight so they're not bent when inserted into the PCB
  2. Slowly and carefully line up the switches with the PCB
  3. Insert the switches softly all around the PCB
  4. Once everything is lined up and slightly inserted, push down on the switches to ensure they're fully inserted

Wrap Up

You're almost there! Switches are installed and ready to go! In the next guide, we'll go over the case.